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The Meaning of Wedding Flowers

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Wedding or the Marriage are the synonyms defining the special occasion taking place generally only once during the lifetime. It symbolizes the emotional and physical bond between a boy and a girl who are declared the Husband and the Wife by the holy priest of the community in the presence of the distinguished guests of the local society.

The couple vows and takes oaths in their traditional manner in front of the almighty. The couple is carrying beautiful flowers in their hands and even the guests do so normally which fills the atmosphere full of pleasing fragrances.


As per the ancient history records, the people believed that the herbs and spices smelling very strong keep away or turn-off the bad luck, evil spirits and ill health. Accordingly perhaps the brides started carrying flowers or just strong smelling herbs or spices like chives or even garlic.

Even during the early Roman times the brides and the bride-grooms used wearing long floral garlands on thief heads signifying hope for the fertility, and the wedding bouquet denote the woman in blossom.

But during the Victorian times the lovers exchanged different flowers to pass on their messages to each other, because each flower symbolized the special meaning, and this practice is used by many brides even today. Since the meaning of flowers so well known the woman receiving it understood the message as clearly as if it is written on the piece of paper. Even nowadays many people do not speak but flowers express their feelings.

Anyway, on the most special day of your life or your Wedding Day you must specially emphasize what flowers you wish to use the most, where and just how. There are quite a few most popular wedding flowers available in the markets currently irrespective of its season. The off-seasoned flowers are generally imported from the different countries of the world.To select before choosing the rare most flowers or the usual flowers please try to understand its meanings precisely.

Roses: Roses have always been the highest chose flower by the brides in the world. Nature has given us the Roses in many colors each of them signify different meanings. The White stands for innocence, beauty and charm. The Red expresses her zeal and unending love towards her man. The dark pink denotes the thankfulness towards God that they are made the man and wife.

Tulips: are considered the best for the spring season wedding and are well recognized for the undying love and affections.

There are over 500 varieties of flowers gifted by the nature. It is very difficult to define all of them simply on a piece of paper so easily.