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Handmade Wedding Bands

Monday, November 8th, 2010

A wedding band is the most valuable piece of jewelry. It is the symbol of commitment for the bride and groom. On the day of marriage, the bands are exchanged in the presence of family members and friends. Unlike other jewelry, a wedding band is worn every moment of everyday. Therefore, a wedding ring should be comfortable and should match the style of the couple.

A ring made by hand is considered an art, which is as old as the wedding ritual itself. Handmade wedding bands worn in the hand keeps reminding of the person, who is very special to us. Wedding rings are also famous for the variations and the thickness that make them unique. They also have a great shape along with wonderful designs.

Handmade wedding bands are made of 14k gold plated bands and are available in the market in three different colors such as white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. They can also be found in some rare colors.

Wedding rings made by hand are very common among couples who want their wedding rings to be unique and different from the rest. Nowadays, more and more people prefer rings that are handmade than ones made by machines.

Both women and men can use handmade wedding bands of 14k. It is perfectly handcrafted, so that it suits every hand and looks trendy on the hands of women and men.

There are also many advantages of wedding rings that are handmade including the fact that it goes very well with the engagement ring without overpowering it and the other is its resizing. The size of a handmade ring can be altered without weakening its metallic characteristics.

Handmade rings are more expensive than the ones made by machines, but they are worth buying. People purchase wedding rings once in their lifetime and they want to ensure that it lasts for many years, so they do not mind paying for expensive handmade bands.