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Choosing a Wedding Chapel

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

When you are choosing a wedding chapel, you will firstly need to determine your budget. Most chapels provide wedding packages in a range of prices to suit all budgets, so you should be able to find somewhere you can afford if you look around.

Visit the chapels on your shortlist in person, and arrange some time with the chapel coordinator to have a thorough look around at all the facilities. Check that it has suitable seating and parking for all your guests, and confirm details about the duration and cost of a typical ceremony. You should also check up on the chapel’s music facilities, dressing rooms and whether it has suitable access and seating for elderly guests, or those with mobility impairments. It might also be a good idea to look at the chapel from a photographer’s point of view, and check if there are any attractive gardens or features that you can utilise for your wedding photos. If you are planning on making a wedding video as a memento to the day, make sure you check with the chapel coordinator that this will be allowed.

Once you have selected a chapel, book the date of your wedding and check at this point whether there are any particular legal requirements that will need to be settled before the wedding. Most chapels will require you to provide your birth certificate, and also if you are divorced a copy of your final divorce papers. Some chapels may also ask you for a copy of the relevant death certificate if you are widowed, but this is unusual. If you have changed your name legally, you may be asked to show this documentation alongside your birth certificate. It is also common to be asked details about your parentage, so make sure if you are booking the wedding on behalf of your partner, you have the full details of both sets of parents in hand, such as full names (including any middle names) and also their full home contact details.

There are many different types of chapels to choose from, and as this is a special day it is important to pick a place you feel comfortable with, or have a personal relationship too. It may be the chapel you were baptized, or a place you visit regularly for worship. If you are not already familiar with the routines of the chapel, it is important to check whether there are any other religious observations during the time you have booked the chapel for, as this may affect the basic decorations. This may benefit you if you are on a tight budget, as you will save money on decorating the venue yourself, or on the other hand you may not feel the colour scheme is appropriate for your wedding, and would prefer to change the date instead.

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Buy Wedding Flowers From Mona’s Flowers

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. They assist set the tone you’ve chosen for your wedding. They can be used to transform your wedding ceremony reception site. Mona’s Flowers is based in NY, USA. It offers fresh floral services for weddings, corporate events, and gift purposes. However, the store specializes in providing flowers for wedding decorations and bridal bouquets. In order to avail yourself of their wonderful services, you can buy their glade candle coupons, which are available at many online stores. These help you enjoy the purchases at the floral store with 20-30% of discounts throughout the year round.

This florist shop deal with only fresh flowers that may be available in the season. They provide floral services for weddings and corporate events. They also offer many creative and unique styles of flower bouquets and flower arrangements. These flowers that they deal in look great, last for a long time and are delivered within a few hours. World wide delivery is available.

Flower bouquets are made with fresh flowers. These bouquets include bright and well-decorated bouquets with tulips; happy leaves; celosia; and bixia. They are all available in small, medium and large sizes. Thus, you can pick any that suits your individual needs and requirements.

Flower hampers are available as gifts for occasions and events such as birthdays; new baby arrival; weddings and engagements; graduation; get well; festivals such as Christmas; and others. These include fruit and flower hampers with wonderful crane baskets full of fruits and flowers; rose hamper; champagne and chocolates, gourmet hamper for two; and an extended range of other flower hampers.

Wedding flowers offered in a wide range for various types, such as flowers for the bride; nosegays for bridesmaids and flower girl, and beautiful flowers goodie bag is available for the groom and groomsmen. wedding reception flowers and decorations are available in attractive colors, modern and traditional – this is the sort of unique style and creative.Corporate flowers are available for corporate events, and business offices and workplaces. Flowers are delivered to workplaces on fortnightly bases for boardrooms, reception tables, and conference halls. Most florists, who are worth buying from, will provide you with some type of guarantee that their flowers will be exactly how you like them to be when they arrive at the wedding.