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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Wedding Directory
Site of the Month for June 2011 is dealed with Wedding Directory. A guide and resources wedding web directory that offer all things about wedding such as bridal jewelry, formal wear, make up, wedding invitation, hair stylist, personalized favors, decorating ideas, disc jockeys, online services, reception sites, unique ideas, videography, wedding guide and information, wedding planning, and much more.

Wedding Tips

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Engagement Ring – There are many jewelry stores, discount jewelers, jewelry departments of major stores, etc. where nice engagement rings can be found. And do not forget to visit stores like Costco for some great prices. You never know where you might find that perfect ring at a great price. If you are really adventurous, you might even consider shopping on the Internet. At least you will get an idea as to what is available and relative pricing. But if you do plan to buy over the Internet, be careful you are dealing with a reputable company. And be sure you can return the ring if necessary, and understand any return or restocking costs.

Size of Wedding – The surest way to have a nice wedding, within an affordable budget, is to limit the size of the wedding. Not only does a smaller wedding save money, it also allows the bride and groom to enjoy their close friends and relatives (and themselves) throughout the wedding and reception, rather than spending the entire event making sure they greet and thank hundreds of guests, many of whom they may not even know very well, or at all. So consider paring down the guest list to those individuals that the bride and groom would really enjoy seeing at the wedding and reception.

Timing & Location – When you have your wedding, and where you have your wedding, will affect the overall cost of the wedding and reception considerably. Periods of high demand for weddings or other social occasions, and venues that are in high demand, will be more costly. If you can be flexible you can reduce cost considerably. Remember, there are many great places to hold your wedding and reception, and there are also many times of the year (and times of the day and week) that should be able to fit your schedule and provide a memorable occasion.

Wedding Reception Food & Beverages – If you are using a caterer, tell your caterer about your need to keep costs as low as possible. Be sure the caterer supplies what you need (plates, glassware, tablecloths, etc.). Be sure the caterer is not charging you for items and services that may not be required (such as decorations, etc.). Read your contract carefully and see if the gratuity is included.

Flowers & Decorations – Consider using silk flowers (you can even rent them) for both the wedding and reception. They can be less expensive than many real flowers, can be kept indefinitely, and can serve for years as home decorations. As an added plus, you can acquire silk flowers well in advance of the ceremony, so there is one last thing to worry about on your wedding day. Even the wedding party can carry silk flowers, including the bride. Or perhaps the bride can have a fresh bouquet with everyone else going silk.

Wedding Music – If you have a band for your reception, see if one or two of the band members can also provide music or vocals at the wedding. Sometimes they will agree to do this at little or no additional charge in order to get the reception booking. Another alternative is a compilation of beautiful recorded wedding music that can be played through the wedding venue’s sound system. With today’s CD’s and iPods this is easily arranged and you know what you will be getting.

Wedding Pictures – Hiring a professional photographer/videographer will most always produce better quality wedding photos/videos than an amateur. However, the cost is considerable. Some ways to limit the cost include: Limiting the photographer’s services to a minimal package of photos, perhaps including just the bride and groom, wedding party and family. Limiting the photographer’s services to just the wedding. Let friends and family take the reception pictures. Consider not doing a formal shoot at the bride’s and/or groom’s house. Friends and family can shoot these pictures. Don’t keep the photographer employed for the entire reception. Once there are no more major events to shoot the photographer can leave. Hire a photographer that gives you your negatives (or digital file) so you can make as many copies as you want without ordering them from your photographer. If they won’t give you the negatives, ask them how long they keep the negatives and if you can have them when they are to be disposed. Check not only the initial charge for the photographer’s wedding packages, but also the charge for prints, enlargements, albums, etc. See what can be eliminated and purchased elsewhere at a lower cost.

Wedding Cake – A very nice wedding cake can be had for a reasonable cost. Make sure the size is appropriate for the number of guests and try making the cake nice, but not overwhelming. If you use your wedding cake as dessert to avoid having a separate dessert table, make the tiers different flavors. Conversely, if you are having a dessert table you do not need a large wedding cake at all. If you want a tall cake but it would be too large for the number of guests, you can make the upper tiers out of cake and the lower large tiers out of Styrofoam and iced to match the others. Order two cakes for the reception. A small fancy cake can be used as the main display cake and for the cake cutting ceremony. A larger sheet cake with only moderate decoration can be sliced in the kitchen and served.

Wedding Invitations – Invitations do not need to be expensive. Even custom-made invitations by an outside vendor can be found at a reasonable price. But be sure to get samples and an assurance that your invitations will be the same quality. Consider getting them thermographed instead of engraved to save some money. Order them over the Internet. And make sure you order enough extra invitations to make up for mistakes in addressing and last minute invites. But to save more, consider purchasing invitations at a craft store and printing them yourself with available software programs. Consider including reply postcards instead of traditional cards to save. Include reception information on the invitation instead of separate cards and use invitations that require only standard postage. If you really want to save, consider using an online invitation web site. Many sites even provide some free online invitations.

Bridal Gown – Instead of buying a new design, consider purchasing a discontinued dress or sample dress, or looking for dresses at closeout sales. They are usually less expensive and can often be found at smaller dress shops, or perhaps even consignment shops. Shop for your wedding dress in places other than bridal boutiques and specialty shops, where prices may be considerably lower. Find a dress you like and you know fits and search for it online. is the world’s leading online wedding apparel destination.’s goal is to provide complete one-stop shopping for all brides, bridesmaids and all special occasion events. Buy Cheap Wedding Dresses, Top Quality Quinceanera Dresses, New Style Prom Dresses and Formal Gowns for 2013 special events,more than 10000 gorgeous wedding dresses and prom gowns styles for selection.Get Your Dream Dresses from our online store, they offer Free Shipping now!