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Planning Your Wedding – Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

There’s no doubt about it: whether they’re footing the bill or not, your parents and in laws will have some say in your wedding planning.

And although you value their opinion on most things, there are times when their help just isn’t helpful anymore. So, how much of their involvement is too much? And is there a way to make everyone happy?

If you’ve kept a tight-knit relationship with your parents over the years chances are they’ll likely play a fairly important role in your wedding day, right? They’re likely just as excited about your wedding as you are and are just as eager to dive right in to discussions about the guest list, location, date and caterer.

But with all of this enthusiasm can come disagreements, arguing and even resentment. They’re excited and who can blame them? But sometimes they need to be reminded that this is your wedding, not theirs, and although they’re opinion counts it’s ultimately your call.

What to do:

Set up a family meeting fairly soon after you get engaged or at least when you’re ready to really start planning. Explain your vision to them and be sure they understand it, then try to get an idea of the kind of involvement they want in it.

Be upfront and honest with any apprehensions you may have. Getting everything out in the open right from the start will cut down on any confusion and will become a life saver later on.

His Parents

Have a meeting with his parents too, separate from the other one you’ve planned with yours.

Sometimes the parents of the groom can feel left out of the planning process because in their mind ‘this is the bride’s day’. So to make sure this doesn’t happen, invite them in to the planning dialogue right off the bat.

What to do:

Talk about your vision, include things like the location, date, size and style of the wedding. Take queues from the areas they take interest in and what their desired level of involvement is, and include them accordingly.

And remember, try to keep your parents up-to-date with any major decisions you’ve made. They may not always agree with it but they’ll appreciate being in the know nonetheless. offers an extensive collection of cheap prom dresses, cheap wedding dresses and quinceanera dresses that go from traditional to sexy.

Wedding Guestbook

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

If the idea of a traditional guest book has you yawning in disinterest then a more unique guest book alternative is exactly what you need!

These can be anything from a chic keepsake box to a certificate to hang on your wall, but all are equally original and memorable.

Memory Box

A memory box is such a great way to keep your well wishes safe for years after the wedding. And this is chic, personalized wooden memory note box and personalized note cards are just so special.

Have you guests write out their well wishes or words of advice so you can enjoy them right after the wedding or choose the anniversary stationery and save the messages to read every year all the way to the big 5-0.

Check out this video to learn more:

Signature Certificate

Simple yet so meaningful. Signature certificates make reminiscing about your special day so easy. Stick with the fabulous Balloon Hearts Personalized Certificate (shown above) or choose from six other fabulous designs HERE.

Recipe Box

This adorable recipe box is such a unique take on the traditional wedding wishing well. Send the recipe cards to your guests in your invitations and ask them to write their fave recipes on them. Then they can bring them on the day of your wedding and place them in the box.

Your guests will love the originality of the idea and you will have an entire box full of yummy recipes to make. It’s a win-win!

Also, blank signature pages and a secret compartment in the back ensure no part of your big day will ever be forgotten.

Mailbox and Letters

Who doesn’t love getting letters in the mail? This antique style letter box and coordinating stationery are just too sweet for words! Use it as a conventional wishing well at your wedding or — and this is so much more exciting — ask your guests to write a special note on the stationery and seal it up. They will then bring them to the wedding and drop them in the mailbox.

At the end of the night, a designated family member or close friend will take the letters home — you take the mailbox — and periodically over the next year or so, that person will send you the letters in the mail. Every time you receive a letter you will get a special reminder of your big day.