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Bridal Gown Fashions

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Choosing the right Armenian Wedding dress for the bride is one of the biggest and most important parts of planning any wedding. It can also be one of the most nerve-wracking. Obviously, a bride wants to honor the traditions of her family and her culture when she selects her gown. But she also wants it to be something that really reflects her as a person.

Here are some of the top fashion concepts that are popular for brides today. This is by no means and exhaustive list, but it should be enough to get you started!

  1. The Classic A-line Dress. These wedding gowns are designed for a concept of traditional elegance. The A-line dress works with almost every body type. It usually has a defined waist and torso that branches out into a medium to very full skirt at the hips. These dresses say ‘I am a lady’.
  2. The Ball Gown. This is the princess wedding dress, make no mistake! These are usually the most lavish of wedding gowns. The feature a very full skirt, and often a formal train. Detail work is usually included on the skirt, train, and bodice. They also typically come with the largest of the bridal gown price tags, but they make a very impressive show. These are for the bride who wants to make a truly grand entrance.
  3. The Sexy Wedding Dress. There is a trend towards sexier bridal gowns today. Woman are more and more wanting to show off their curves and feel like all eyes are one them as they walk down the aisle. Depending on the families and the culture, a sexy wedding dress may not be the best choice. However, if this is what the bride wants, there are dresses that show the belly through see-through fabrics, exceedingly low backs, deep v-necks, and curve embracing silhouettes that can be fitted perfectly for a very desirable bride.
  4. The Mermaid Silhouette. This is one of the most popular wedding gown styles. The mermaid dress hugs the body from the top all the way to the knees, or sometimes ankles, where it flairs out dramatically, looking like the fins of a sea-woman. These dresses say drama and class all at the same time. There are for bride’s who want to be noticed as a lady of elegance with just a little bit of mischief. Not everyone can wear this shape of a dress however, so it’s best to make sure it really fits well before buying this kind of gown.
  5. Custom Wedding Gowns. Though a custom made wedding gown is often the most expensive way to go, there are several advantages. First, you are certain to get a gown the fits the bride’s shape beautifully. Second, if the family has a tradition of including certain features in the gown, or passing it down to future generations, a custom made gown lends itself easily to these customs.

The biggest thing to focus on when choosing a bridal gown in different Armenian Weddings is that it needs to be a gown that really makes a statement about the bride, her personality, and her sense of self.
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Seattle Destination Wedding

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

After two people madly in love become engaged to one another, they must figure out the plans for the big wedding day. For some, getting married close to home feels like the best thing in order to keep it intimate, but for others they like to create a new experience with their family and friends by having a destination wedding, but whether the destination has a value of significance for the two love birds or it doesn’t, the concept of a destination wedding is a completely different ball game than walking into the courthouse or having a reception at home.

One of the destinations for weddings that seems to be on the rise in popularity is that of Seattle, Washington. From my understanding, this is occurring because the climate of Seattle is pretty consistent year round which makes it pleasant for all guests.

Planning Your Seattle Destination Wedding

If it’s a small intimate wedding or a huge grand luxurious Seattle wedding and reception for 200 friends and family members, your wedding will be memorable, and you will remember this day for eternity, so you need it to be perfect.

Seattle destination weddings are usually beautiful and pretty but they do take lot’s of planning and research, as planning a destination wedding in Seattle can be very stressful, our recommendation for housing would be a Seattle vacation rental to at least have a home base to go to with a home atmosphere, plus vacation rentals in Seattle tend to be more cost effective than a hotel room. Regarding the wedding itself we do recommend working with one of the many Seattle wedding planners as they know and understand the city more than any of the research could bring to you.

Wedding Venues in Seattle For Destination Weddings

Below are some venues we feel would be great for destination weddings in Seattle or around the Seattle area.

1. The Washington Athletic Club
2. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel
3. URBAN enoteca
4. SODO Park by Herban Feast
5. Stimson Green Mansion
6. Canlis
7. Hotel 100
8. The Great Hall at Union Station
9. Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Remember the above are just some ideas that we like in regards to having a destination wedding because these locations are normally visited from out of towners so we thought it would be rewarding for the wedding ceremony as well as an attraction for your guest all at the same time.

Rehearsal Dinner for Seattle Destination Wedding

The wedding rehearsal dinner is very important because usually it occurs the night most guests arrive to the destination of the wedding. In your case, arriving to Seattle, and most times its either the night prior to the wedding or two nights prior to the Seattle wedding. Here are some choices we like for the Seattle wedding rehearsal dinner.

1. Redhook Brewery
2. Tulio Ristorante
3. The Resort at Port Ludlow
4. Palisade Waterfront Restaurant
5. Pan Pacific Seattle
6. Motor Yacht Linmar
7. Covington Cellars
8. The Last Supper Club
9. Efeste

Remember like the wedding venues that these are just recommendations that we like for Seattle wedding rehearsal dinners.

Being A Guest At A Seattle Destination Wedding

Unlike a normal wedding that is close to home, a destination wedding provides a much different atmosphere for guests. The process for guests during a destination wedding is a little bit different in that you have many other variables to immerse yourself in. Remember you are not at home, you are in a foreign land, that land is called Seattle.

General Seattle Destination Wedding Etiquette

The wife and husband to be should not live under the assumption that all the people that they invite to their wedding will be able to attend. As a guest you should definitely not assume that the wedding couple will be paying for your journey to the pacific northwest. When you are a guest for a Seattle destination wedding please remember that you may possibly look at spending between $600 to $1200 from flights to gas to food to vacation homes to tourist activities to going out at night and for the ladies shopping at some of Seattle’s fashion boutiques. It usually is best as the guest to have the wedding gifts sent to the couple’s home rather than lugging it across the country to Seattle. Remember this is a vacation for you the guest and a wedding for the love birds.

Let me repeat myself, guest should only expect the couple to pay for the Seattle wedding reception and the wedding ceremony and the rehearsal dinner and assume that nothing else will be paid for. One important factor that should be remembered is following the wedding, as a guest, please give the couple some alone time as this is also their honeymoon. Yes i know that you are on a vacation but please do remember that there are wedding activities and being late to those because of sightseeing would be looked at as being very selfish. Plan your schedule appropriately and make sure you allow time from getting from one place to the next.