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Bachelor Party Planning Strategies

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

So you want to host a bachelor party but really don’t know where to start? No problem. Bachelor party planning isn’t that difficult if you keep the following information in mind while planning your party.

The bachelor party is traditionally organized by the Best Man. It is his responsibility to see the party is one the groom will enjoy and will remember for a long time but also one that the bride-to-be is happy with. Just Remember: The bachelor party is for the groom, not the person giving the party. In other words, remember the likes and dislikes of the groom when planning the party. You should discuss with him what he would like and what he definitely doesn’t want before making any definite plans.

You will also need to discuss with the groom what dates would be good for him. The party should be hosted at least one week, if not more, before the wedding. The week of the wedding is hectic and besides, no one wants the groom and wedding party hung over for this special occasion. Once a few dates have been agreed upon, you should discuss the dates with the rest of the wedding party to find the date that best fits into everyone’s schedule.

And last, but not least, discuss who should be invited to the bachelor party with the groom. Obviously the male members of the wedding party are to be included but is there anyone who is very special to the groom that should be invited? Any male member attending the wedding is a potential bachelor party guest. Usually, if someone has not been invited to the wedding, they should not be invited to the bachelor party. How many people to invite depends on a number on things such as where it is being held or what type of activities are planned. To keep it simple, the guest list should not have more than 20 people. More than that and the party becomes more difficult to orchestrate.

It is up to the best man to make sure all party expenses are paid. Once a solid idea for the party has been established, estimate the costs for the party and let the wedding party know what their share is. If it causes any financial difficulty for anyone, other plans should be arranged so that no one feels bad about how small or large their contribution to the party was.

Once the plans are agreed upon, book the venue as soon as possible to make sure it will be available. Send out invitations well before the schedule date. This will give everyone plenty of time to make arrangements to join the festivities. Invitations should include, besides the usual time, place and date, a telephone number that a guest can call if there is a problem or he has any questions about the party.

A bachelor party wouldn’t be complete without a lot of food and drink. Wherever you plan to have the party, be sure there is plenty of both.

Music is a must for any party, especially a bachelor party — IF appropriate for the venue. If you are planning a camping or a night at the baseball park, music will not be a concern.

Plan some amusing games. A “roast the groom” or “this is the embarrassing moments of your life” are always a hit – maybe not with the groom but with the guests. Just be sure not to carry it so far the groom becomes very embarrassed. This can be quite a fine line to walk, so be careful and notice how the groom is reacting. If you see he is becoming very uncomfortable, it is best to switch to some other form of entertaining.

You may want to schedule a party that lasts longer than just a few evening hours. Try hosting a sports event such as a basketball or baseball game in the afternoon and carry the party into the evening with drinks, food and music. If you have the time and finances, the party could be spread over a weekend. If this is the case, your bachelor party planning skills will be tested as you have much more time and activities to monitor and assume responsibility for.

If your party involves alcohol, arrange transportation — whether a limousine, a cab or having designated drivers — to take any person who is unable to drive safely, home. These arrangements should be made long before the day of the party.

As the party organizer, it is up to you to keep everything running smoothly. You are in charge of taking care of all situations, whether it is someone who has had too much to drink, someone who is acting inappropriately, or any other problem that may happen. You will need to keep your ears and eyes open. If things get out of hand, you can be guaranteed you will be blamed for it. If you have chosen your guests and your venue wisely, this will probably not be an issue for you.

With careful planning and making sure you have covered all the details, both large and small, you will be guaranteed a bachelor party that will be enjoyed and remembered by all those in attendance for a long time.

Alternative Ideas for Planning a Bachelor Party

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Bachelor parties often get a bad wrap by people, especially nervous brides. Many people assume that a bachelor party consists of heavy drinking, strippers, and lap dances. However, this is not always true. A groom has many other options for a more toned down bachelor party, and in fact these are becoming more and more popular as traditional bachelor parties become more of a negative stigma. Either way, the bride and groom should be on the same page regarding what is acceptable for the bachelor party. Some brides do not mind alcohol and strippers, and some are dead set against it. Here are some alternative ideas for planning a bachelor party that is not conducive to traditional stigmas.

Poker night
Poker nights are a great idea for grooms who love to play cards. It is a great idea for a bachelor party because it is more low key and laid back, but it is still a great thing to do with the guys the night before you get married. Of course there should be plenty of food available at a poker night, and consider purchasing some fine cigars and nice beer. This is a great way to celebrate with your friends without getting carried away and insulting your bride. In addition, it prevents a pounding hangover the day of your wedding.

Sporting event
Attending a sporting event is a great idea for a bachelor party. It is one of the guys favorite things to do together. Baseball, beer, and hot dogs. There really couldn’t be a better way to celebrate your wedding with your friends than that. In addition, this kind of bachelor party is one that everyone in the wedding party can attend, including minors, and family. If you are in charge of planning the party always run plans by the groom, but consider getting a block of tickets to his favorite in season sports team.

Make sure that you begin planning ahead of time. The last thing you want to do to your betrothed buddy is throw him a crappy bachelor party that has been thrown together at the list minute. If you are planning a stripper-free bachelor party, consider some of the alternatives above. They will ensure that you and your friends have a great time and that everyone stays out of trouble.