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Wedding Decorations: Some Necessary Facts

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Marriages are made in heaven. But arrangements are done on this earth by ordinary people related to the marriage. Wedding ceremony is fun but at times the planning and the arrangements may prove frustrating because the big day of the wedding calls for checking minute details and putting every single thing in its proper place in proper time. If one wants a fairytale ceremony of the wedding then one need to calm down and plan things accordingly so that not a single thing is overlooked and not a minute detail is avoided i.e. everything becomes perfect. There are several sources that may help one to achieve this. To deal with the wedding decoration is one major part of the ceremony. And at times it could be very hectic and toilsome.

However, for decoration there is help from various places. As the wedding decoration includes flowers, the decorations for the reception, wedding favours and so much more one just cannot afford to be careless. One has to think on certain concrete factors while planning the wedding decoration; these are – colour schemes, centre pieces, bouquets, inexpensive wedding favour ideas and the list does not end easily. If one works with a tight budget then his planning should be according to that. ‘Tea Pyramid’ for each and every guest is one great idea of a cheap wedding decoration. This idea was, however, first placed in the Oprah magazine and it gained currency in a very rapid way. There are inexpensive wedding decorations which are at the same time good, great, joyous and beautiful.

There are, however, great outdoor weddings and they are very popular in the summer or the spring seasons. As the natural environment comes to cater the background it is easy to plan and arrange wedding outside in the open face of nature. It becomes vibrant and excellent and very comforting for the guests at the same time. From botanical gardens to parks to beaches to backyards to open community grounds – locations for outdoor wedding decorations vary from place to place. And in case of an outdoor location for wedding one needs to check certain things beforehand, the most important is to decide and plan for the venue.

White folding chairs and a simple wire arch for standing beneath are great idea for having a wedding party at the beach. With the waves coming and going it is a great environment for the wedding celebration. However, one needs to check and secure the sources of electricity for beautiful and colourful lamps at the fall of the evening. If one plans wedding in the botanical gardens and then exotic plants, brightly coloured large arrangements, and tropical flowers are the things with which one can decorate the place of union. Decorated with tulle, lights, flowers and ivy garlands that match the bridal party flowers, parks are also great choices for wedding locations. However there are wedding arches that look grand on the occasions of weddings. One can simply buy these arches or even make them at home. They could be further decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Re-Use Your Wedding Decorations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Weddings involve several preparation and planning processes including spending a considerable amount of time searching for wedding decorations. The time and effort put into selecting the perfect decorations for your wedding makes them hold sentimental value and most couples find it difficult to part with the decorations. The great news is that most decoration pieces used during weddings can be stored and re-used for other occasions.

The first thing is to essentially select the decorations that can be re-used; floral arrangements are not generally the most durable wedding decorations and you might have to throw away most of them once they whither. Centerpieces, candles and potted plants are the decorations to keep from your wedding because they are highly re-usable. Baby christenings, birthdays, family meetings, baptisms and dinners are some of the occasions when the decorations can be put into use once again.

However, you don’t have to wait until your next big occasion to put the decorations into use; you can incorporate your wedding decorations into your home décor. Using the decorations as part of your home décor helps to rekindle the special moments of your wedding day, before beginning to make special moments as a married couple. Couples who move into new houses also find their wedding decorations quite helpful when it comes to giving the house a homely look, before investing in other home decorative pieces.

Have the decorations altered to create a fresh new look for different occasions. For instance, if you could use different colored candles with the candle holders used during your wedding or wrap the candles beautifully in wrapping paper to create a fresh look for other occasions. Wall hangings can also be placed around the house or also set aside and used during special occasions. Centerpieces in particular can be re-used during holiday parties.

In case there are any wedding decorations that use batteries or anything else that can be attached, make sure you remove them to prevent damaging them. Dust and clean the decorations regularly to maintain their quality. Cupcake wrappers used at the wedding can also be re-used severally before finally recycling them. Putting up the decorations can be a fun family activity and it might just become one of your family traditions. Every family member can be assigned a role, for instance unwrapping the decorations or cleaning them before and after use.

In as much as you want to keep your wedding decorations, it is important to be realistic and let go of the pieces that cannot be re-used. The noble act of storing your decorations for re-use can turn into hoarding and it can become uncontrollable if you keep investing in more decorative pieces for other occasions. Clear out broken or unused decoration pieces regularly, especially after stocking up on new decorative pieces.