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Basic Wedding Planning – A Birds Eye View

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Weddings can be complex. One moment, you might seem to be in control, but not the next, when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Therefore, if you are planning your wedding, it all comes down to a few factors – Do you want to DIY it, or leave it to a wedding planner? And of course, for everything, you need to know the cost, or rather, what is your budget?

For many people, they leave it to the wedding planner to handle everything for them. Which is a smart move as long as you can afford them. There are different wedding services that can also handle different parts, or aspects of the wedding, and these just focus on their segment, which usually means doing a better job at it.

Here are a few such wedding services:

• Wedding reception planners
• Wedding guest accommodation and transportation
• Wedding food/cake catering services
• Wedding photography services
• Wedding gift procurement/buying
• Wedding guest entertainers
• Wedding official/religious services

Going the DIY route can certainly save you a lot of money because you are cutting out the middleman in all of this, but bare in mind that going DIY also begets quite a lot of stress, since you need to go over all the details yourself. You can definitely save a lot on wedding gifts if you choose and buy them yourself, and you can also hire a friend or relative who is a photography buff to take your wedding photos.

That’s why the most important consideration in any wedding is the Budget. And that is the reason why many people delay their weddings in order to save up some money to afford a wedding. This does not mean that just because you can afford it, that you can simply hire a bunch of wedding planners who should do everything for you, when you could easily handle some of their tasks!

By getting involved, at least in some way, you actually get to learn a thing or two about organization, and also keep an eye on your wedding planner, so that he/she doesn’t shortchange you easily. I have heard enough of horror stories from people who left everything to incompetent and greedy wedding planners who messed up everything!

At the end of the day, marriage is one of those most significant moments in life. Weddings should always be memorable for the right reasons, and not the wrong ones. Let’s make your wedding count!

So, are you ready to get married?