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Autumn Wedding Flowers For Your Hair

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

If you are planning an autumn wedding, there are some very lovely choices for wedding flowers for your hair.

Autumn colors can be bright and vivid with yellow, orange, and red or then can be soft and subtle with shades of burgundy, deep purple, olive green, and taupe.

Since fabric and feathers can be dyed any color, you can perfectly match any fabric color and create any style of flowers for your hair. Look to nature for inspiration when designing flower pieces.

Tiny acorns (a symbol of fertility) can be fashioned from polymer clay or fabric and included in the flower design.

Mini crystal buckles can be threaded onto a ribbon and added to the flower. Tiny charms with verses or poems add a meaningful touch. They can be worn as jewelry after the ceremony.

Fabric flowers are an art in themselves. There are inexpensive pieces available at craft stores, but the most beautiful ones are handmade using the finest fabrics. The price will usually reflect the quality, but the craft is an easy one if you would like to make your own.

Rose petals are used to make a pattern for the fabric flowers by carefully removing the petals and tracing them onto the fabric. The beauty of a fabric flower is that is can either look like a fresh flower or it can be a combination of petals any size you would like.

A tea light is an invaluable tool to singe the edges of the fabric. This technique will curl the edges of the fabric, seal it from fraying, and “cup” it into a petal shape. Be careful not to hold it too close and scorch or burn the fabric. With a little practice on a scrap piece, you will be able to create a perfect petal.

It can be any color or combination of colors you like and it can have any embellishments that have a special meaning.

Texture is an element that makes the flower more interesting and there are many autumn choices that will add texture. Wheat, acorns, pinecones, birch bark, etc. Feathers can be made into a “flower” and stand alone as a hair piece.

By stripping the feather on the ends, they can be easily bunched together and glued or wrapped with thin wire to hold them in place. A broach, beautiful button, or pearl can be used to cover the mechanics.

Fabric flowers are also beautiful additions to dresses, purses, and shoes. Try embellishing the writing pen at the guest registry with feathers or a fabric flower. Mini flowers can be attached to the flower girl basket and they can be made into a lovely corsage for the mother of the bride that will last forever.

The key is to coordinate the textures and colors throughout so that everything blends together in a pleasing way. This is a wonderful time for a wedding, especially if wedding flowers for your hair is part of the plan.

Winter wedding flowers

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Everyone wants their wedding to be as beautiful as possible. People are happy to spend large amounts of money and time ensuring that their wedding is just so. However, winter weddings can be a little more challenging to decorate and organise than summer weddings. This is because many more weddings occur in summer and spring than in the colder months. As a result, many of the wedding options available may not necessarily be the best options to suit a winter wedding. Wedding flowers are one such issue that you may come across when putting together your winter wedding. Fortunately, there are a variety of beautiful winter wedding flowers that you can choose for your special day.

One of the first types of winter wedding flowers that comes to mind is the tulip. Tulips have long been associated with winter weddings, and it’s no surprise that this is the case. Tulips are stunning flowers. They’re beautiful and elegant, and petite and structured in nature. They come in a variety of different colors, meaning that they will suit many different wedding themes and decorative styles. Consider fashioning your bouquets and bridal flowers using tulips. You can opt for tulips all in one color, or a mix of different tulip colors. Consult your florist to see which colors of tulips are available in your area, and which are best to use for a wedding event.

Orchids are another stunning winter wedding flower. Orchids are available in a variety of different colors and patterns. They can be arranged to suit a variety of different colors and themes. You can either arrange your orchids in a bouquet that you carry, or have them sitting in decorative pots on the dinner tables at your wedding. Regardless of how you decide to arrange your orchids, there’s no doubt that they will look fabulous at your wedding. Look online or check with your local florist to find the style of orchid that best suits your wedding.

Daffodils and jonquils are also excellent winter wedding flowers. Daffodils are vibrant yellow flowers that look stunning when mixed in with dark leafy green foliage. Jonquils are a smaller flower that look great when paired with daffodils, or when arranged on their own. Both of these flowers look great together, or individually. Consider carrying them as a bouquet, putting them in your hair, or having daffodil and jonquil baskets on the tables at your wedding.

There are many different winter wedding flowers that you can use on your special day. Some other notable flowers include freesias, irises, and chrysanthemums. Whichever you pick, you’ll find that they look stunning when put into an arrangement. Many of the winter flowers come in a variety of different colors and varieties. So no matter which one you pick, it will surely look wonderful on your special day. Consult your florist to find out which flowers grow best in your area, and the particular colors that you can choose from. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, or to go for contrasting colors.