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What Consist Your Wedding Jewelry

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

For your wedding day, you will be wearing your wedding dress together with the needed wedding jewelry that you and the groom will be wearing. But of course you and the groom are two different people who will be wearing different jewelry that is just meant for you and him.

When it comes to your groom, he will first need to decide on the type of attire he would be wearing followed by his choice of wedding bands. Most bride and groom chooses their wedding bands at the same time since it is important to decide on this important jewelry together. After the groom chooses his band, it would be up to him if he would wear other types of jewelry for the big day. Normally, grooms wear a bracelet or a necklace, but nothing too fancy since the groom’s attire is considered enough.

However, this is not the same when it comes to brides. It is known that most women love to wear jewelry and this is most true at weddings. Every time we attend wedding, it is just normal for guests to first praise the wedding dress and then marvel the different jewelry the bride is wearing. This attraction doesn’t stop with the engagement ring and the wedding band because brides are commonly seen wearing chokers, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and of course, tiaras. These list some up all the wedding jewelry a bride can wear. But of course, with all those types of wedding jewelry, one type of jewelry that is also important to the bride and also to the groom is their wedding bands.

Her decision on what she would wear for her wedding will all depend on her wedding dress and of course on her style. It is also known that the dress plays a significant part in the bride’s choice for her jewelry as the cut and the style of the dress also have a corresponding jewelry to follow. A traditional bride in white will look perfect wearing her diamond earrings or Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry that is also matching tennis bracelet or Swarovski crystal bridal bracelet.

For a bride who prefers pearls, the choices are fresh water and cultured pearls. They can also be found in a remarkable range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Pearls have always been a favorite bridal jewelry by most brides simply because of its beauty, timelessness, and elegance.

So there you have it, when searching for your own wedding band, make sure that you choose it with your groom and when it comes to your wedding jewelry be certain that it is suitable to your dress to create the perfect look.

Steps Of Buying Wedding Rings

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

This makes it very important to choose the right wedding rings. The options are so many in the market today and for that reason grooms and brides need to take their time to get the best. A few things done right will ensure that the bands are perfect for the couple.

1. Choose ring metal

They are common in yellow gold, platinum, white gold, tungsten and titanium. Tungsten and titanium are modern metals, whereas the gold and platinum are classics that are timeless.

2. Choose your color

Silver toned metals seem to be the most popular in wedding rings making platinum and gold amazing choices. There is also a group of people who would rather go for yellow gold since it has been in use for the longest time, but there is also the option of rose gold that’s pale pink in hue. Remember that titanium and tungsten tend to be more gray than silver.

3. Choose the widths

Traditionally, wedding rings for men tend to be wider in width while those for women are thinner. You can stick to this or choose any other width that meets your preferences. While wide rings tend to be more noticeable compared to the thinner bands, the thinner bands can be more comfortable.

4. Decide stones or plain

Most wedding rings are plain with more stone emphasis going to the engagement ring. However, you can still have your wedding ring decorated with diamonds and gemstones if you so wish. Jewelers now have lots of options for embellished wedding rings and you can choose your favorite. Women love diamonds on the rings to match their engagement rings, but men can also have a large centered stone on the bands for that extra flash.

5. Choose band shape and fit

Comfort can never be ignored when looking for wedding rings, especially because they will be worn every day. Contoured rings on the inside are easy to wear since they slide smoothly over the knuckles and only a very small portion of the metal touches the skin making them very comfortable. You can choose half round rings with domed tops or pipe bands with straight flat sides. A good ring will serve both your aesthetic and comfort needs.

6. Choose ring finish

Most bands are brushed or polished to enhance their appearance. Brushed bands are more textured and polished rings are reflective and shiny. The finish you choose should be a matter of personal preference.

7. Compare the accents

Most bands have grooves, beveled edges or inlay details. The details can add unique styles to the bands making them distinct. You can choose from what is available or have your very own accents added to the ring to personalize it. As a couple you can choose to coordinate your wedding ring styles.