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Finding a Wedding Cake Designer

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Looking at the budget for a wedding, some couples decide that the wedding cake should be the last on the list when it comes to allocating money. Many brides however see this as very important and they are very specific when it comes to the design of their wedding cake, and who designs it.

Deciding on a Wedding Cake Designer

– The caterers normally design wedding cakes as well. It might be slightly cheaper than a bakery or independent cake maker and can be just is delicious. Ask to see images of previous designs and cakes made for other weddings. You can also ask taste samples.
– Your local bakery or neighbourhood supermarket might also be able to assist you in the design and baking of your wedding cake. They might be able to better assist you with small cakes.
– Choose an independent cake maker if the wedding cake is high on your list of priorities. Cake makers specialize in the design of wedding cakes and it will be possible for you to lay down specifications regarding style, size, color and design.

You should ask the cake maker:

– If he / she will be making the cake themselves or will an assistant make it? – What are the different flavours to choose from and are some more expensive? – Would the cake be priced as a whole, or per slice, depending on the amount of guests at the wedding – How close to your wedding date can the cake be made? The closer, the fresher. – Must the cake be collected or can it be delivered directly to the venue. Also what would the delivery charge be.

Once you have decided on a specific cake maker, bakery or caterer, put your pen to paper and make sure all specifications are written down do avoid confusion. Both yourself and the cake maker should sign the contract.

Wedding Cake Traditions

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

The wedding cake was originally made of many little wheat cakes. These were broken over the head of the new bride. This tradition was meant to bestow fertility and good luck to the new bride for her married life. Fortunately for the bride, this tradition is no longer practiced.

The cutting of the cake was once cut only by the bride and was symbolic of her upcoming loss of virginity. In modern times this tradition of cutting the cake includes the groom as well. Cutting the cake and sharing the first bite with each other symbolizes the couple’s promise to share their new life together.

The top tier of the wedding cake was traditionally kept and used at the christening of the couple’s first child. But today, this tradition has been modified and the top tier is saved to be used at the couple’s first anniversary.

Another cake tradition is if an unmarried person sleeps with a piece of a wedding cake under their pillow, they will dream of their future spouse that night. This is one custom that is sure to excite the single guests at your wedding!