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Destinations For Weddings In The United States

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Destination weddings are always a lot of fun, romantic and there are so many wonderful places from which to choose. One of the most popular choices for a wedding locale is one of America’s many cities. New York, San Francisco, Miami and Las Vegas are just a few of the nation’s prime cities. All of these locations offer a wide variety of ways to frame your special event that will make it memorable. Imagine having your wedding at the top of the Empire State building. You could be saying your vows while looking down over bustling streets and stunning architecture. This will no doubt give your ceremony a sense of excitement and thrill.

Central Park is another popular spot in New York. This huge park features a wide variety of settings which offer incredible beauty and romance. San Francisco also gives you a wide variety of landmarks to choose from for your ceremony. Exchange vows with the Golden Gate Bridge at your back. Now that is a ceremony with a truly majestic sense of beauty! Common features between many of these cities are extensive parks and gardens, riverfronts and massive churches and cathedrals. The bustling metropolis of American cities can make a perfect location for any wedding.

A second set of top locations for weddings in the United States is the country’s system of state and national parks. Whether you want someplace large such as Yellowstone or as small as the nature reserve in the next town over, there is an abundance of public parks that can provide beautiful settings for your wedding ceremony. There is more to these parks than just trees. Mountain vistas overlooking grand valleys fill Yellowstone Park and many others.

Many state parks have gardens designed within them to showcase specific plants that grow in the region. They also feature some of the oldest trees and most striking landscapes. The parks are not only centers for natural beauty and preservation; they are also designed to preserve important historical sites as well. Furthermore, many of these parks are almost free to reserve for your wedding. In most cases, if you have to pay for anything it is parking. Some parks also require a permit to have an event with a large number of people, but these are often less than twenty dollars. For a beautiful and affordable location for your wedding ceremony, choose a national or state park.

A third major geographical location in the U.S. that is perfect for weddings is its many beaches. Whether you and your family live on the East coast, West coast, or in the South around the Caribbean, there is an abundance of beautiful sand strips that are perfect for a wedding ceremony. While great beaches can be found all over the place, many of the most romantic are on the East Coast. A few New England beaches, such as strands in Ogunquit, Maine, Watch Hill, Rhode Island, and Crane Beach, Massachusetts are extremely popular. These beaches are known for their sunsets, wildlife and the historical and tourist landmarks in the areas surrounding them. Many of the communities around these beaches are designed to frame the beach, and provide exquisite settings for saying your vows.

Other popular East coast beaches are featured along the shores of New Jersey, Georgia and North Carolina. Small islands make for perfect beaches since they tend to have more area of sand, and are less crowded. Florida also features many wonderful beaches, including some that double as national parks and wildlife preserves. One popular West coast beach is in Coronado, California. Famous for its Pacific Sunsets and multitude of things to do in the area, this beach is a wonderful location for your wedding.

However beautiful the beaches in the continental U.S. may be, they in no way compare to the tropical paradise the beaches of Hawaii offer. Widely considered to be the most exotic location for a wedding ceremony in the United States, Hawaii’s beaches are absolutely spectacular. Beyond the white sandy beaches of the island state, there are volcanoes, national and state parks as well as tropical rainforests to explore. With a wide variety of natural wonders and a welcoming atmosphere, Hawaii is one of the best places to go in the United States for a wedding.

The U. S. offers many options and locations for a wedding ceremony. Whether it is a beautiful outdoor ceremony, an adventurous destination wedding or a classic old-fashioned event, there are plenty of locations that can meet your needs. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the perfect place for your wedding.  Regardless of the location selected, a destination wedding can be a romantic, memorable alternative to a traditional wedding. Destination Weddings provide the ultimate setting to celebrate your endless love for each other at a location where all your wedding and honeymoon dreams can come true.