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Knowing More About Popular Summer Wedding Flowers

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Since summer is the most popular time for weddings, it is very important to decide in advance the type of wedding flowers wanted by the bride. If you have decided to have your wedding in the summer, then you have chosen one of the best times for flowers. The time from May to September is the most popular time of the year for weddings in part because of the beautiful weather. Finding the right kinds of flowers for your wedding is very important. It is also important to order your flowers early since the summer is such a popular time for wedding ceremonies; it is also a busy time for florists. Get your order to them as early as possible to ensure that you get the quality and style that you want.

One of the most popular flowers for the summer, and the rest of the year for that matter, is the rose. This classic blossom creates a perfect mood for a traditional ceremony by giving off a very formal and elegant feel. Using combinations of red, orange and yellow roses can add a perfect touch of color to all of the white flowers. They also work well together in a bouquet. Well-placed white flowers can enhance the elegance and formality of the occasion and serve to make your wedding ceremony a beautiful occasion. For a more modern feel, sunflowers are a popular choice. These flowers bring out the beauty of the sun and add a wonderful touch to any outdoor ceremony. The simplicity of these flowers with their bright color and size make them a stunning option for any ceremony.

A very popular but somewhat expensive option that will make your ceremony really stand out is to use exotic flowers. Snapdragons and Birds of Paradise are two unique options that are gaining popularity. Birds of Paradise feature very bright colors primarily in shades of purple, green, orange and red. These hues can give an almost flamboyant flare to your ceremony. Snapdragons are more subdued in color, but feature significant height giving them an almost regal beauty. If these options are too fancy for your ceremony, then Bells of Ireland are a popular alternative. Tropical flowers tend to be more expensive, but if you buy them wholesale, you can often get good deals.

A much more down to earth, but still beautiful flower option is to employ wildflowers. These can be very low budget as you can easily grow them yourself if you need to. This option is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Find out what kind of flowers grow naturally throughout the park where the ceremony will take place, and mimic the natural surroundings. For example, if your ceremony is taking place in a garden where specific plants are grown, it is appropriate to use the same flowers in your ceremony. Wildflowers can also be used very effectively to give your ceremony a sense of natural beauty. They can be colorful and low key at the same time. For an even more down to earth look, many couples use wheat stalks and other assorted earth and neutral toned plants. The sense of simplicity given by these sorts of arrangements is warn and inviting, and helps to emphasize the beauty of the people who are in the ceremony.

There is a great abundance in popular options for wedding flowers, but when choosing your flowers do not get so caught up in one style that you neglect other ways to make your arrangements beautiful. For a wedding on the beach, seashells can make your flowers stand out wonderfully. Using well-placed candles among flower arrangements during a nighttime wedding can give the ceremony a sense of elegance that can make your wedding stand out in the memory’s of your guests. When you are designing your centerpieces, remember that the type of vase you use can be just as important as the bouquet. A glass vase with appropriate colored stones can frame exotic flowers like snapdragons perfectly. A simple basket with a little bit of color around the edges can create a beautiful sense of comfort and closeness when coupled with wildflowers. It is important to consider a variety of options when choosing your wedding flowers.

Finally, the type of flower that you choose for the wedding is really dependant on the type of ceremony you will have. Many popular floral patterns and combinations can make your wedding a beautiful event. Use popular models to help you find what will work for you. Every flower conveys a specific mood and feeling about your ceremony. Outdoor locations are very popular for summer weddings, and can determine the flowers used in the wedding.  It is very important to understand the feel and mood expressed by each of these flowers, and choose accordingly.